Change of registered address

As an additional service to the virtual registered office, we also ensure that changes made to the registered office are incorporated into the Commercial or Trade Licensing Register for you.

We will arrange all the administration work, ensure the notarial deed if necessary, file a petition for changes in the Register Court. All you have to do is choose the address of our virtual registered office.

The price of this service is related to the fact whether the change of memorandum of association/statutes is necessary or not. This change is needed in case you move the registered office to another city or you have explicitly stated your current registered office in the memorandum and you wish to change it.

Change of the registered address without the need of new notarial deed 2.990 CZK
Change of the registered address with the need of new notarial deed 8.190 CZK

If you would like to change your registered address, contact us by phone +420 227 013 880 or

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